Friday, March 29, 2013

Top 10 Tips to resolve Access Database error message

Every now and then Access DBAs may get some error messages in their Access database that they have not thought. They will try to resolve the error messages but do not know where to start. If you are also a victim of Access error messages then this article is for you, try below steps and I am quite sure you will find a resolution for the error message.

1. Compile the Modules: Sometimes a compile error in a single module can cause the problem in other module so it is a good idea to check all the modules are compiling successfully. You can do this by following procedure:
Click on the Debug->Compile from any module.

2. Compact & Repair Database: Sometimes compacting & Repairing can fix the problem, and it is a good idea to perform compact & repair on the regular interval to avoid such types of problem. You can do this by following procedure:
Tools->Database Utilities->Compact & Repair

Note: Make a backup of database before compact & repair.

3. Restart the Machine: Sometimes problem has been occurred due to memory problem so it is a good idea to shutdown your machine for few seconds and turns it on again. Now try to open your Access database, you may find that problem is solved.

4. Decompile & Recompile the Database: Sometimes Access generates error message due to wrong residual compiled code so it is the better idea to decompile & recompile the database.

5. Import the Database into a New Database: If above resolutions do not work for you then try to import the entire object from an old database into a newly created database. You can do this by following procedure:

Create a new database-> Click on the File menu-> Get External data -> now click on the Import-> select old database file-> Import

6. Restore from Backup: Restoring from backup is the best option to get back all your data from the database. If you have an updated backup of your database then it is the right time to use it.

7. Repair/Reinstall Access Database: Sometimes MS Access generates error messages due to missing or corrupt libraries so it is better idea to repair or reinstall the Access database. You can repair Access database from the control panel while re-installation can be done with the help of installation disk.

8. Update Latest Updates: It might be possible that you are getting error message due to missing updates so try to update all the latest updates for your Access database version. You can download all the latest update from the Microsoft website

9. Get Professional Help: There are some people on the internet who will provide help for you without any cost. Popular websites for Access help are,,,, and many more.

10. Addition Tips: There are some data recovery companies that offer Access database repair software to repair corrupt Access database. Give them a try and see what they can do for you.
Note: Always try free demo version of any software before buy.  

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