Monday, February 25, 2013

Resolving MS Access 2003 error "unrecognized database format"

Corruption in Access database mostly results into the error messages which appear during the database mounting. Error messages makes database inaccessible or un-mountable. Few situation under which MS Access database gets corrupted are improper system shutdown, virus attach, faulty hardware, software malfunction and many more. The damage created by error messages can be handle by using an updated backup. Most of the Access database administrators have the backup of database to handle these types of corruption issue but there are some database administrators also; who forget to create the backup of database. In such situation, database administrator need to use 3rd party access database repair tool to repair corrupt Access database files.

Consider a practical scenario wherein database administrator is trying to open the database table and got below error message:

"unrecognized database format" along with the name of database

Possible Cause for Error Message: The root cause of above error message is that Access database has been corrupted.

How to Resolve: Database administrator can resolve above error message by following methods:

Method 1: Delete all Link Tables
If it is split database wherein tables are present is the back-end database and forms, reports & queries are present is the front-end database then back-end database is corrupt. Try to open back-end database, if it lets you to see the tables then open front-end database and delete all the table links. After deleting the links use the file and go to the Get external data and re-link the table again.

Method 2: Compact & Repair Database
If it is not a split database then user can resolve above error message by following steps:
  • Close all the Access database files.
  • Go-to the Tools menu and select Database Utilities.
  • Now point to the Compact & Repair Database.
  • Select your desired database file that you want to repair.
  • Give the name & location to save the compacted database and click on the save button.
Method 3: Restore from Backup
If you are still unable to resolve above error message by performing two methods then take a sign of relief that you have an updated backup of the database.
  • Create a new blank empty database.
  • Import all the tables & objects from the backup copy.
  • Done
Method 4: 3rd party Access Repair Program
If you don't have backup or old backup then it is the right time to use 3rdparty Access database repair program. There is so many such types of programs available on the Internet that claim they can recover the data from corrupt tables. Give them a try and see what they can do for you. 

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